Frequently Asked Questions


What time does Project SUCCEED begin & end?


Morning program begins at 7:30 AM and ends at the beginning of the school day.  Afterschool Program begins at 3:15 PM and ends promptly at 5:15 PM.

How do I sign my child up?


To sign up for Project SUCCEED you must fill out a Project SUCCEED Registration Form and pay the $20 registration fee.  These forms are always available in the school office or under the Program Information page on our website.  Each school has there own method of signing kids up for specific days and enrichments.

Is there a Registration Fee?


Yes.  There is a $20 per child registration fee to enter the program.  There is also a family discount of $35 for a family of 2 or more children.  The registration fee is mandatory regardless of your free and reduced lunch status.

How much does it cost?


The Afterschool Program cost $8.00 per afternoon.  If you receive reduced lunch the fee is $4.00 per afternoon.  If you receive free lunch the daily fee is $1.00.  The Morning Program is $4.00 a morning.  If you receive reduced lunch the fee is $2.00 per morning.  If you receive free lunch the daily fee is $1.00.  If you have not registered with Project SUCCEED this year, an annual $15 registration fee per child (with a maximum registration fee of $30 per family) also applies.

How do I pay for my child?


An invoice will be sent from the Project SUCCEED main office.  You will be billed for the days that your child attended Morning Program each month, and for all the days that your child attended the Afterschool Program.  Bills are mailed by the 10th of the following month. You can return your payment with a check or money order to PO Box 388, Conway, NH 03818.